vb [ri ˡsɛt] –sets, -setting, set (tr)
1. to set again
2. to restore to zero


By partnering with leading industry stakeholders, combined with using innovative technology and systems, Blue Oak Systems is the only firm able to design a system to review a consumers financial position and provide effective solutions that “unlock” hidden wealth in your debt portfolio.

Underpinned by a strong value set, Blue Oak Systems provides a unique service to determine eligibility and degree of monthly cash flow savings and wealth creation. Via automation, we are able to objectively review a consumer’s debt portfolio which we source directly from the credit bureaus to determine the optimal selection of creditors and current loan facilities that “unlock” the maximum monthly savings amount.

Our key focus areas:

  • Values driven
  • Focus on awareness and consumer education – promoting responsible debt management and lending
  • Empower consumer to control the management of their debt portfolio
  • Use latest innovative technology and systems to unlock value for all stakeholders


By providing an automated process Blue Oak Systems allows every consumer to review their cost of debt, and determine if a savings exists or not – objectively, in real time, with no paperwork or question process.

Until now, the consumer has not had the “empowerment” or tools available to review their debt portfolio without facing the negative connotations and experiences associated with debt consolidation and debt review management.

At Blue Oak Systems we understand these experiences well - the negative or embarrassing explanations and the cumbersome manual and time consuming processes experienced to just try getting an objective understanding and the detail to assist.

Blue Oak systems has the ability to provide the consumer with detailed information that unlocks wealth that may be hidden in their debt portfolio, which will empower them to take control of their debt.

Built on a strong value system, Blue Oak Systems seeks to provide effective and efficient financial solutions to consumers wanting to unlock the potential monthly savings and wealth, eroded by their current debt structures.

What makes Blue Oak Systems unique:

  • Fully automated system.
  • Only company able to provide you with an end-to-end service offering that is efficient, private and truly empowering.
  • Simple and secure registration and application process.
  • No requirement to engage with, explain or discuss your circumstances or current financial situation.
  • Provide a live interface with credit bureaus to provide objective, comprehensive analytical report.
  • Solutions derived are based on selecting optimal facilities which unlock maximum saving amount.

To vendors – we provide an easy to use, real time platform, that provides a detailed analysis of your client’s debt portfolio.

To consumers – in the privacy of your own environment, you can now in a matter of seconds obtain your bureau report and an analysis of your debt.

“Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”

- George Bernard Shaw