vb [ri ˡsɛt] –sets, -setting, set (tr)
1. to set again
2. to restore to zero



A better way

To fully grasp the significance of Blue Oak’s RESET, one needs to think beyond the common understanding of debt management or debt counselling, which is outdated and ineffective.

While millions of South African’s are not under debt review, they do struggle every month to service their debt. This means that they cannot afford that new car, house, holiday or education that they need and importantly, cannot save for the future.

Making the right calculations

When consolidating debt, one sometimes makes the wrong calculations – you are often advised to settle accounts which will not necessarily achieve the level of savings you’re looking for.

For example, a recent RESET client with unsecured debt of R130 000 enjoyed double the monthly savings by only settling R56 000 of that total debt rather than the full amount. Our RESET software and underlying algorithms make the right calculations to maximise your savings. Blue Oak manages this for you.

When we advise the savings available, our system not only identifies which creditors unlock the highest saving, but also determines the exact cost of the new debt on the suggested loan amount – factoring in bank initiation fees, interest and all administration costs.

Making it easy

RESET makes it easy for you – the process is conducted online in a secure environment.

After registration, the consumer can obtain his Credit Bureau Report and a quick analysis which will advise if a saving exists or not. The consumer or vendor can then elect to proceed to obtaining a full RESET report, which will provide a detailed Analytical Report indicating exactly which creditors need to consolidated in order to achieve the optimal monthly savings. Our online loan portal will also allow Blue Oak Systems to assist the consumer in applying for a loan that will unlock the savings value identified.

“A dream begins with planting a seed, then believing and action makes it grow”

- Unknown