vb [ri ˡsɛt] –sets, -setting, set (tr)
1. to set again
2. to restore to zero


Our online vendor portal allows vendors to provide an accurate Debt Consolidation product to their clients.

With real time processing of a client’s debt portfolio, a vendor can provide a consumer their credit bureau report, as well as determine whether a saving exists, and to then provide a client with a full analysis of their portfolio and how the savings is identified – within seconds.

Until now the process of assessing a client has been highly cumbersome and time consuming, with an accurate assessment taking a substantial time to review, placing a severe constraint on manpower and capacity. In the past you would need to employ a large contingent of employees to manage any real volumes – that is no more, one person can process 100’s of applications a day….

Via the automated system – Blue Oak Systems provides an opportunity to make Debt Consolidation a viable product for any vendor.


  • Real time, objective analysis
  • Determine optimal selection of creditors, which provides maximum savings to consumer
  • In seconds - determine if a saving exits
  • Manage high volumes of requests with zero manpower or increasing of manpower to manage high volumes.
  • No training or up skilling of consultants.

process for registration

For access to the system, terms of use and guidance notes, simply follow the simple registration process.

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